You can’t win ’em all

Catholic School

I had the chance to pick up B  from school recently, which is a rare experience for me. I insisted on a detour to CVS where we purchased both necessities (milk, Diet Coke) and non-necessities (gum and stickers). This meant that we deviated from the usual route, but change is good, right?

Last night, on a break from ranting about the raccoon sized hole in my kitchen ceiling, I told Mr  how much I enjoyed getting to be a daytime Mommy. I think he secretly enjoyed bursting my bubble when he relayed the following quote from our son:

Daddy, please don’t let Mommy pick me up from school again. I like it so much better when you pick me up.

I’m not sure what I did wrong – I thought we were having a good time!

B, apparently HATING the walk home. Who knew?

A moment of nerdery…

I never get to watch Fallon’s show because it is on way past my bedtime, but I can’t resist the combination of adorable Jimmy Fallon and wonderful pregnant Amy Poehler (with the cast of Parks & Recreation):

Jimmy Fallon Glee Parody

Sadly, I can’t get the video to embed. However, Fallon singing Whip Your Hair with the Boss is pretty awesome, too: