Another reason to love my husband – TNT division


Experiments (Photo credit: kirstinmckee)

**Apologies to my friends who have already heard all about this on Facebook**

I’ve been doing unauthorized science experiments again.

Not really.

I actually sort of … accidentally exploded some eggs while trying to boil them. A reasonable person might ask, alarmed, How on earth does that happen?

Not being a reasonable person myself, I can tell you: Continue reading

I just got schooled by a 5 year old in an alligator t-shirt

I made pancakes for breakfast this morning, in celebration of a long awaited free dress day at school and the upcoming weekend.

B is obsessed with cooking, and always want to help out in the kitchen – which I usually discourage, because we have possibly the tiniest, least hospitable kitchen ever. (Just ask the leaking pipe spewing water on my cabinets or the two square feet of counter space.) However, B was up and dressed (in his alligator t-shirt, because his teacher loves ‘gators), and dying to help out, so I agreed to let him help me flip pancakes…

Modern kitchen

This photo bears exactly zero resemblance to my kitchen. Dammit.

And he immediately burned his index finger on the hot skillet. This is his first burn, and I know it hurt – although it didn’t blister up, so I don’t think it’s that bad. BUT, it was 7:15 am, and he was miserable. I got him an ice pack and apologized profusely, telling him that I really want him to be able to help me in the kitchen, but that everything is so hot! I said, maybe you can help me tomorrow – we can do something that doesn’t involved hot skillets or the stove.

He looked at me thoughtfully, and said,

I know how I can help you right now, Mommy! I can help you eat the pancakes!

I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

Mission Accomplished

B and I waged a mighty battle against the mess that is his bedroom. See all those boxes? I can’t get rid of them because they are all his Transformers, or other art projects that are Special. >>sigh<<

It’s actually not so bad. B’s in a pretty handy phase where he loves to have a ‘job,’ so as long as I give him specific instructions (“Pick up all of the Legos and put them in the box in the living room” works.”Pick up all your toys off of the rug” leaves too much guess work, though.)

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We do it a little differently at our house…

This worksheet is the kind of thing that usually sends me into orbit. I know it’s a little thing, but really, it’s 2011. Couldn’t we be talking about parents instead of mothers vs. fathers?

But this time I just laughed, because in our house, when the laundry hamper gets full, B comes out of his room to announce,

Mommy, Daddy really needs to do the laundry. Continue reading