>He is a serious scholar.


I brought this home today so B could practice his letters. (They’re only on letter B at school, but it never hurts to read ahead.) I wasn’t prepared for him to be so intense about it! After requesting some “nice cold water” in his bottle, he informed us that he “might be too busy to eat any popcorn,” or even watch cartoons. >>swoon<<

>I know where you got your shoes!


Tragedy. On Monday, we had a note from daycare regarding proper attire. Flip flops are out. Oh, drama.

B LOVES his Reef flips – they are exactly like Mr’s, only with an elastic strap around the back. Faced with this unsettling news, I immediately went to the Zappos site to look for alternatives. When I suggested a cute pair of Stride Rite leather fisherman’s sandals, B rejected them out of hand.

“Why?” I asked.

“Um. Because they’re not green.”

Green is his favorite color. And red. And white. So we scrolled through and picked out these Keen sandals, which are kind of hideous, but in a cute way. Even better, I was able to pick them up at REI for $35, and got another $12 off thanks to my dividend. Hooray!

>Crash Test (not so) Dummy


I took the day off today to take B to his follow up doctor’s visit – he’s been sick, with allergies that spiraled into a minor asthma attack.  The pediatrician recommended that we do a short course of an oral steroid, which turned our usually sweet natured (if stubborn) little boy into, well, kind of a monster.  This morning alone, he slapped me in the face three times and threw a plastic golf club at the dog.  
The prize for making it through this tough week was an early departure to the shore…and a trip to Target for a bicycle helmet.  We were >>this close<< to coming home with a pink flowered number, but at the last minute he spotted this Thomas the Tank Engine Helmet, and decided it was The One.  So now he has his bike helmet, and he can be just like his cousin, the F-Man.  Sweet!