From the Archive: Lord of the Scooter

This barely qualifies for an ‘Archive’ post, but I ran across this video on my phone and had to share.

Granddad gave B a (green) Razor Scooter for his fifth birthday (along with a full set of pads, given B’s genetic heritage). There were a few crashes and false starts, but he got things worked out pretty quickly:

> We bought a membership to the Franklin Institute at the beginning of the summer.  I had such great plans for my Wednesdays off – B and I were going to explore all of the cultural attractions of the city…  It didn’t exactly work out that way, but we did make it over to the Franklin.  B’s favorite part was, of course, the Train factory, where he tested out the different types of wheels to determine which ones worked best on the track…

 We also visited the Heart exhibit, where B explored some clogged arteries.  No, really.