>The new order.


Today was the first day we’ve executed the new morning plan, the one where Mr. takes B to school while I head off to work. It was phenomenally weird to climb into my car, alone, and kiss the boys goodbye.

It was a lovely, overcast, slightly drippy morning.  There was rain last night – B told me he heard it last night when he woke up, but didn’t hear it while he was asleep! – so everything was damp.  In anticipation of this change in routine, I parked my car over by B’s school last night so that I could walk over that way with the boys and Miss Maya.  On our walk, I realized for the first time that the trees are blooming!  Spring is here!  (How could I have missed this?)  When I stopped to take pictures, B asked me if I missed spring, which I did.  He told me everyone likes spring because “everything comes back.”


New, different, better than ever.

>Spring means new Crocs


B picked out his new crocs today – green! He’s been off pink lately, and I was afraid someone had told him that pink is “for girls” (which is a sure way to enrage my liberal soul, plus until about the turn of the century pink was considered a boy’s color, because it’s derived from red). I had a long talk with him about why he didn’t want any more pink crocs:

Me: But don’t you like pink?

B: Yeah, but I just like green. And red.

Me: But you can wear any color you want, you know. Daddy wears pink all the time!

B: I know. I like pink, but green is my favorite color!

Me: Oh, so you want green ones because you like that color better!
B: <I swear he rolled his eyes at me, and sighed>. Yes!

>Things I did before 7:30 AM


B woke me up at 7am this morning, raring to go.  Before 7:30 am, we had already blown bubbles outside and played with PlayDough.

Maybe it’s a girl thing, or just a ‘me’ thing, but when I was little I couldn’t bear to have my PlayDough colors mixed up.  (I also didn’t like my food to touch.  My grandmother would joke that it was a shame they didn’t make divided plates for adults.)  B’s PlayDough, with the exception of a few pieces of purple that are still hanging in, is almost uniformly brown, and he likes it just fine that way.   Go figure.