Homonyms will get you every time.


Mommy, whenever I see somebody who looks like you it makes me think of you.

What, when you see people like, out in the world?Grader

No, at school. There’s one kid who looks a lot like you, except not quite. I think it’s a Grader.

A Grader? Like, a First Grader?


This message was brought to you by the Bedtime Avoidance Council.  Thinking up new ways to avoid sleep since 2006.

Umpteenth reason why I love my husband: He’s so romantic.

Another post about ‘romance,’ then I promise to shut up about my marriage for a while. Tuesday night was the Valentine’s Day premier of Cougar Town, a fantastic show that Mr and I both enjoy. He made it Cougar Townhome from class in time for us to watch together (I know, romance): he with his statistics homework, me with my crocheting (I’m making another hat for Horsey. Don’t judge.)


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Twenty Things

I’ve been getting a “disk is full” error on my laptop lately, so I’ve spent several hours sorting through and deleting old stuff… In the process, I came across this Facebook exercise from 2009 – “you are supposed to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.”

What, didn’t you know?  Blogging is really all about navel gazing.Bot navel orange

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In Another’s Words – Those Guys from Southpark

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

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So the Bible is a trilogy, and the Book of Mormon is Return of the Jedi?  I’m interested!

– All American Prophet, The Book of Mormon

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for The Book of Mormon, a Broadway Musical by Trey Parker & Matt Stone (the Southpark guys) and Robert Lopez.  It’s really, really funny, and really, really, really irreverent (blasphemous?)