Holiday Re-Cap (part 1)

The Christmas season is so much fun. Decorations, carols, presents, lights!

I say this every year, but this was the most fun so far. B is old enough to enthusiastically participate in the decorating, singing, story telling, and general anticipation of Santa’s arrival.

B and I are partners in decorating crime – he gives me license to return to an earlier, craftier, incarnation of myself. The two of us conspire on the proper placement of each ornament, stocking, and string of lights. It’s kind of awesome. Continue reading

>Happy (belated) New Year


In my head, I’d posted these photos already.  In reality, not so much.

Mr and I had a great New Year’s adventure – we traveled out to Lake Tahoe, where Sweet Rickey lives, to celebrate her marriage to her Mr, Sweetie Pie (herein, “SP,” because I cannot type that with a straight face.  Love you, mean it.)

Let me tell you, Tahoe is nothing like Exile.  It’s beautiful – mountains, trees, snow!! – green, clean, and fabulous.  The lake itself looks almost unreal, even when you’re standing right on the shore.

I’ve been known to say that I’m built for comfort, not speed (I stole that line wholesale from Nicole Peeler), and I mean it.  I am not an outdoors(wo)man, never was, never will be.  The occasional camping trip, provided I have access to a shower and toilet, will not kill me, but it’s never, ever going to be my first choice.  Outdoor sports?  No way – remember, I broke my ankle in Tahoe without even leaving the apartment! Mr was hoping to ski, but we opted instead for snow shoeing.  I figured, hurtling down a mountain on sticks?  versus basically walking on tennis rackets, on a flat surface?  No brainer.

P.S. We totally took the easy way back to the lodge.