Translations: Marital Conversations (Reason # 9,754 why I love my husband)

When I walked in from work on Monday evening, Mr gave me a long look and announced, “That’s a new dress.”

Translation: (1) someone’s been shopping and/or (2) you look nice today.

“Wait, seriously? I’ve actually worn this four or five times.”

Translation: (1) I haven’t been spending money – on this dress, anyway and/or (2) you really are in your own world sometimes, aren’t you?


Translation: (1) Oops and/or (2) Uh oh.

English: Vita in fancy dress

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another reason to love my husband: Somebody Lee Edition

First baseball team

First baseball team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walking home from our dinner date Friday night, Mr inexplicably started talking to me about baseball – specifically, the prospects of our local baseball team.

This is another example of what I’m coming to think of as the Pi Syndrome – he thinks I know lots of things, even things that I’ve repeatedly told him I don’t, in fact, know anything about.

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Now every morning there’s a cup of coffee and I wear your ring

May 13th is my wedding anniversary. Mr and I have been married for SIX YEARS. Tonight, Mommom and Boppy watched B for a couple of hours so we could go out to dinner, and reflect on the state of our (mostly) successful union.

I jokingly list all the reasons why I love my husband, but honestly? Here’s what I know after six years of marriage. Continue reading

Another reason to love my husband – TNT division


Experiments (Photo credit: kirstinmckee)

**Apologies to my friends who have already heard all about this on Facebook**

I’ve been doing unauthorized science experiments again.

Not really.

I actually sort of … accidentally exploded some eggs while trying to boil them. A reasonable person might ask, alarmed, How on earth does that happen?

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Daily Earworm – Beyonce – Single Ladies

Mr and I had a conversation this morning about some friends of our who have been together for years, aren’t married, and are getting some pressure from family to make it official. I opined that marriage isn’t for everyone. In fact, I told him,

I never really wanted to get married until I met you.

And then I went off to shower, while this song played in my head:

Another reason to love my husband: Experiencing Art

I guess it’s no secret that we live next door to a world class museum.

Mr’s birthday is at the end of February (just like Johnny Cash!). Since he is impossible to shop for (he’s very particular about his clothing and accessories, which turns picking out a polo shirt into an Raiders of the Lost Ark style challenge), I bought a membership to the museum.

We’re big on memberships to our local institutions, and we use them like crazy. The best part of having a membership to, say, the zoo, is that you can go visit for just an hour or so – since you know you can come back, you don’t have to spend hours slogging through the reptile house because you want to get your money’s worth.

So I bought a museum membership, which came with the incredible bonus of tickets to the Van Gogh exhibit, and (for once) managed to surprise my husband with something he really wanted!

Self-Portrait, Spring 1887, Oil on pasteboard,...

The best part of the birthday planning was enlisting B as my co-conspirator. He is a wonderful planner. When I told him about the ice cream cake* I had purchased and secreted in the fridge he exclaimed,

Mommy! Do you know what we need to get? Party hats and horns!

And a button that says "Birthday Boy." Mr wore it all day, like a trooper.

That’s my boy. While Mr and I were at the museum, B and Nonnie hung up a birthday banner and defrosted the cake. I got to spend the day experiencing art with my husband, like an adult (a novel experience for us, to be sure), and B got to work on his party planning skills. Plus, I think Mr enjoyed himself.

*And can I tell you about the ice cream cake? Mr loves an ice cream cake, and his mom is great about buying one every year, but was out of town in February – so in the month leading up to his birthday I had to listen to the daily refrain of, “Well, I guess I won’t have a cake this year… >>sigh<<… You know I really love ice cream cake. Maybe I should get one myself…”

Umpteenth reason why I love my husband: He’s so romantic.

Another post about ‘romance,’ then I promise to shut up about my marriage for a while. Tuesday night was the Valentine’s Day premier of Cougar Town, a fantastic show that Mr and I both enjoy. He made it Cougar Townhome from class in time for us to watch together (I know, romance): he with his statistics homework, me with my crocheting (I’m making another hat for Horsey. Don’t judge.)


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