Holiday Re-Cap (part 1)

The Christmas season is so much fun. Decorations, carols, presents, lights!

I say this every year, but this was the most fun so far. B is old enough to enthusiastically participate in the decorating, singing, story telling, and general anticipation of Santa’s arrival.

B and I are partners in decorating crime – he gives me license to return to an earlier, craftier, incarnation of myself. The two of us conspire on the proper placement of each ornament, stocking, and string of lights. It’s kind of awesome. Continue reading

We do it a little differently at our house…

This worksheet is the kind of thing that usually sends me into orbit. I know it’s a little thing, but really, it’s 2011. Couldn’t we be talking about parents instead of mothers vs. fathers?

But this time I just laughed, because in our house, when the laundry hamper gets full, B comes out of his room to announce,

Mommy, Daddy really needs to do the laundry. Continue reading