June Reading

English: Alice's Statue, Guildford Riverside A...

English: Alice’s Statue, Guildford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a confession to make.

I fell down a rabbit hole of trashy romance novels, and I’m just now fighting my way out. I discovered a fantastic site called Dear Author, where a number of bloggers review romance novels of all stripes (including my beloved ‘paranormal romances’ by Patricia Briggs and Illona Andrews). I’ve fallen out of the habit of reading traditional romance novels, with the exception of my beloved Carla Kelly, and I especially have not been a fan of contemporary romances. That said, I found Dear Author because of their favorable review of Kelly’s new book, Marriage of Mercy (released June 1). I started clicking around and came across a recommendation for a contemporary romance called About Last Night, so I downloaded a sample, was hooked, and bought the book. Continue reading

Daily Earworm – Feist – Counting to Four (Sesame Street Edition)


Last week my brother asked me if I’d heard of Fiest, and suggested that I would like her music. My response was, yes, I know who she is, because she did one of her songs on Sesame Street…

Yes, I know this isn’t the real song. But I like this version better. Much like the Triangle Song.

Now every morning there’s a cup of coffee and I wear your ring

May 13th is my wedding anniversary. Mr and I have been married for SIX YEARS. Tonight, Mommom and Boppy watched B for a couple of hours so we could go out to dinner, and reflect on the state of our (mostly) successful union.

I jokingly list all the reasons why I love my husband, but honestly? Here’s what I know after six years of marriage. Continue reading

Daily Earworm – The Killers – All These Things that I’ve Done


I had no idea that this was The Killers, or that the name of this song was not “I’ve Got Soul (but I’m Not a Soldier)” (because I have been singing that part over and over since seeing this performed on The Voice the other night).

* Oh, and the best comment on YouTube? “I’ve got ham, but I’m not a hamster.”