Mission Accomplished

B and I waged a mighty battle against the mess that is his bedroom. See all those boxes? I can’t get rid of them because they are all his Transformers, or other art projects that are Special. >>sigh<<

It’s actually not so bad. B’s in a pretty handy phase where he loves to have a ‘job,’ so as long as I give him specific instructions (“Pick up all of the Legos and put them in the box in the living room” works.”Pick up all your toys off of the rug” leaves too much guess work, though.)

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Green rug, last seen in early February. If found, please contact Southern Girl.

It’s Friday. That means the weekend is almost here, and B and I will be cleaning his room tomorrow. This photo is my motivation – this is what his room looked like LAST time we cleaned it.  That was over two weeks ago. (This will be more of a challenge, since most of that floor space is currently occupied by his tent.)


From the Archive: Lord of the Scooter

This barely qualifies for an ‘Archive’ post, but I ran across this video on my phone and had to share.

Granddad gave B a (green) Razor Scooter for his fifth birthday (along with a full set of pads, given B’s genetic heritage). There were a few crashes and false starts, but he got things worked out pretty quickly: