Another reason to love my husband – TNT division


Experiments (Photo credit: kirstinmckee)

**Apologies to my friends who have already heard all about this on Facebook**

I’ve been doing unauthorized science experiments again.

Not really.

I actually sort of … accidentally exploded some eggs while trying to boil them. A reasonable person might ask, alarmed, How on earth does that happen?

Not being a reasonable person myself, I can tell you: Continue reading

Insert corny joke here. [Snicker]


Oh, come on. I’m my father’s daughter. I couldn’t pass that up.

You know who loves corn? My weird kid. He begs for it, and when I bring it home from the grocery store, will eat it raw off of the cob! (Although he does prefer it cooked). Once I’ve cooked up a half-dozen ears, he’ll spend the next few days eating them as snacks until they’ve all been consumed.

This picture kills me. I had to include it twice.