Elfa-lution (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Container Store)


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SweetRickey has insisted, literally for years, that Elfa shelving from the Container Store is the cure for what ails you.  Personally, I believe that new pajamas improve any situation, but she is my best friend, so I half listened, nodding, … Continue reading

>I know where you got your shoes!


Tragedy. On Monday, we had a note from daycare regarding proper attire. Flip flops are out. Oh, drama.

B LOVES his Reef flips – they are exactly like Mr’s, only with an elastic strap around the back. Faced with this unsettling news, I immediately went to the Zappos site to look for alternatives. When I suggested a cute pair of Stride Rite leather fisherman’s sandals, B rejected them out of hand.

“Why?” I asked.

“Um. Because they’re not green.”

Green is his favorite color. And red. And white. So we scrolled through and picked out these Keen sandals, which are kind of hideous, but in a cute way. Even better, I was able to pick them up at REI for $35, and got another $12 off thanks to my dividend. Hooray!

>Look both ways


Yesterday B and I hit the big annual flea market. We spent $1.50 on a Lightning McQueen lunchbox and a wooden cement truck. I got to be the awesome mom when I relented and said, “Oh ok – you can choose two things…”.  I am so generous!

Last night we browsed Zappos.com looking for flipflops that are more substantial than the $6 pair we picked up at Target.  B, of course, wants ones with Lightning on them, but I had to draw the line. I triedcto explain that we choose shoes based on which ones are best for our  feet, not which cartoon character is on them. I don’t think B really followed my logic, but as long as I offer something that sounds like a reason in response to his “why,” he’s generally satisfied.