Imagine, Dragon.

When you love a costume as much as my boy does, Halloween is pretty much the pinnacle of your year. Every year we start talking about costumes at the beginning of September – we have to evaluate options, look around online, and accommodate shifting obsessions. In early September it seemed like we would be going with Captain Rex (a Clone Trooper… yeah, I don’t know either), but by the first week in October B had changed his mind.


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Tropical Storm Francis – Part Two

I believe I promised y’all a Pope. And some nuns. Strap in. Obviously, my same secular disclaimers apply.

You see me waiting.

You see me waiting.

After Sunday morning brunch, and dire warnings from local new casters about two hour waits at the check points, we were off to the cattle chutes corrals lines to get through security and onto the Parkway to possibly, maybe, if we were lucky, see the Pope.  Continue reading

Tropical Storm Francis – Part One

barricate brogan philly francis papal visit

This barricade travelled all the way from New Orleans to see Francis!

Last week on social media, I compared the impending Papal visit to awaiting landfall during hurricane season. Much like the media coverage of a tropical storm in the Gulf, the lead up to the pope’s arrival in the U.S. was overblown. And yet, Exile battened down the hatches and boarded up all the windows, just in time for a weak Tropical Storm Francis to blow through. Continue reading

Time marches on

It feels like just yesterday that I was trying to figure out how to fill up eleven weeks of summer vacation. (The answer is camp, cheap camp, free camp, grandparent camp, cousins at the beach camp, hanging with neighborhood kids, and camp iPad.)

img 6708

Holy mackerel

He is NINE. Let that sink in a moment. Remember this?

We did not ask permission before stuffing him into this outfit.

We did not ask permission before stuffing him into this outfit.

Feel free to hum a little Tracey Lawrence. I know I am.

Watch this Space

It’s been quiet around here for quite some time now. Facebook has absorbed a lot of the photos I used to post, which I’m hoping to change.

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about the way I’ve referred to this place in the past, likening living in the northeast to being in exile. I’ve been here for 12 years, and increasingly I feel less exiled than expatriated. We visit the south regularly, and it’s oh so easy to slip back into the accent and the rhythms… but when we return to the north, I feel like I’m home. I’m hoping to have some more to say on that front – I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a place home, in part due to watching a friend adjust to a major move overseas. So, you know, stuff’s brewing. Like a good chicory coffee. Or a crawfish boil. (Okay, not a really great simile, but it gives me an excuse to post this):