Twenty Things

I’ve been getting a “disk is full” error on my laptop lately, so I’ve spent several hours sorting through and deleting old stuff… In the process, I came across this Facebook exercise from 2009 – “you are supposed to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.”

What, didn’t you know?  Blogging is really all about navel gazing.Bot navel orange

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>Happy (belated) New Year


In my head, I’d posted these photos already.  In reality, not so much.

Mr and I had a great New Year’s adventure – we traveled out to Lake Tahoe, where Sweet Rickey lives, to celebrate her marriage to her Mr, Sweetie Pie (herein, “SP,” because I cannot type that with a straight face.  Love you, mean it.)

Let me tell you, Tahoe is nothing like Exile.  It’s beautiful – mountains, trees, snow!! – green, clean, and fabulous.  The lake itself looks almost unreal, even when you’re standing right on the shore.

I’ve been known to say that I’m built for comfort, not speed (I stole that line wholesale from Nicole Peeler), and I mean it.  I am not an outdoors(wo)man, never was, never will be.  The occasional camping trip, provided I have access to a shower and toilet, will not kill me, but it’s never, ever going to be my first choice.  Outdoor sports?  No way – remember, I broke my ankle in Tahoe without even leaving the apartment! Mr was hoping to ski, but we opted instead for snow shoeing.  I figured, hurtling down a mountain on sticks?  versus basically walking on tennis rackets, on a flat surface?  No brainer.

P.S. We totally took the easy way back to the lodge.

Aunt Rickey lives in the Eiffel Tower

B’s jet-setting, artistic Aunt SweetRickey traveled to France last summer (see the photos here) and brought back a lovely book called “The Secret Circus.” It’s about the mice of Paris, who are the only ones who know when and where to find the secret circus.

The story features adorable mice, a balloon, and lots of pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Also? A mouse lion-tamer.

Sweet (see what I did there?), sentimental auntie that she is, SweetRickey wrote a note inside:

Say it with me: Awwwww! Also, this will be excellent to show to B’s girlfriends (or boyfriends) when he is a teenager and everything his family does is mortifying.

The point was to encourage B to pay attention to the story and look for, and count, the appearances made by the Eiffel Tower. What B took away from it, however, was that Aunt Rickey lives in the Eiffel Tower. I think this is why:

I mean, clearly that is a picture of SweetRickey at the Eiffel Tower, and the logical conclusion is that she lives there. Duh. I have tried to explain that the Eiffel Tower is veryveryvery far away, in Paris, whereas SweetRickey only lives veryvery far away, on the other side of the country from Exile. We have been to her house. It is not the Eiffel Tower.

But what do I know?

Eiffel Tower Pictures, Images and Photos

(Pssst!! SweetRickey lives in the middle part. I have it on excellent authority.)

>Haute couture

Big family doings this weekend called for a very special ensemble. This sweater-vest seriously got more compliments than anything else he’s ever worn.

When we got dressed Saturday to head out to the Event, B informed me quite seriously that “RiRick make dis.” I was like, yeah, dude, three months ago. Wow.

>Interview with a Toddler


In an actual, honest-to-goodness conversation with B this evening (as he gnawed on a chicken leg like he was raised by the Jersey Devil), I discovered that my child did the following at ‘school’ today: “Play with Ben,””eat cheesy cracker,” and “read book.” I am floored. He is clearly a future statesman, what with his grasp of the language.

B’s schedule is still all mixed up, with the holidays and the excitement of having BFF with us for a month. The good news is, he sleeps until almost 7:30 am (instead of 5:30). The bad news? He went to bed at 10pm tonight – or I should say, back to bed, after getting up at 9pm and hanging out in the kitchen with me while I made chili with enough onions to stop an elephant. Seriously, I need to take a box of tic-tacs to work tomorrow if I’m planning on talking to anyone after lunch.

We miss BFF. Even though both of us explained last night that she had to go home, on a plane, like Granddad, B was still confused this evening when there was no RiRick knitting mittens when he got home from school. It’s a good thing we have lots of photos to tide us over.