The Opossum of Protection


There’s no shortage of old, interesting buildings in Exile, but this one may be my favorite. I adore the embellishments, but even more, I love the description of those embellishments. Ahem:

Construction began in 1926 and the building was completed in 1928. Sculptor Lee Lawrie created its decorative scheme, which features polychrome facades adorned with figures symbolizing attributes of insurance: the owl of wisdom, the dog of fidelity, the pelican of charity, the opossum of protection, and the squirrel of frugality.

The Perelman Annex

Former home of the Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company

Do you see him?

I actually don’t see him in my photo. Googling “Opossum of Protection” returned only one blurry image. (Also, the Squirrel of Frugality is really stealing focus. I’m just saying…)

So, should I change my tag to “More protective than your average Opossum”?

2 thoughts on “The Opossum of Protection

  1. All those years, I never caught sight of that sneaky ‘possum. I think you found him b/c you are from the South…. I hadn’t know you were from the South until recently because it never came up in conversation….

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