Imagine, Dragon.

When you love a costume as much as my boy does, Halloween is pretty much the pinnacle of your year. Every year we start talking about costumes at the beginning of September – we have to evaluate options, look around online, and accommodate shifting obsessions. In early September it seemed like we would be going with Captain Rex (a Clone Trooper… yeah, I don’t know either), but by the first week in October B had changed his mind.


Oh, boy. Last year he dressed up as Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon). The costume was decent, but he hated the plastic mask, and no one seemed to realize what he was supposed to be. I can remember how infuriating that was when I was a kid. So this year, we did a bunch of research online and concluded that the store bought dragon options were not going to cut it.


It’s never to early for Christmas?

Enter Pinterest. If you can think of it, Pinterest has a board covering it from soup to nuts. I IMG_7381collected ideas and we pored over them together, and finally agreed on the necessary elements – a hooded sweatshirt, with sewn-on spikes, gloves with claws, some sort of tail, and possibly a mask, feet and wings.  Nothing fancy.

Two weeks before Halloween, we took a trip to my favorite store, WalMart (that’s sarcasm font). B picked out an understated Hanes sweatshirt in a florescent yellow, and we selected felt and accessories to match.

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Then I started sewing. (Sewing = using a liberal amount of fabric fuser and glue combined with erratic hand stitching, a lot of punctured fingertips, and plenty of cursing) B was feeling lukewarm about the wings, but a combination of their awesomeness and my furious cursing convinced him to go with it. (I attached them with snaps, so they could easily be removed. I’ve never played around with this lightweight foam before – it’s terrific!!)

Goofy little boy? Check!

I spent waaay too much time on this project – like, 30 hours. (The day I made the sweatshirt I worked for about 7 hours on the spikes alone.) BUT the final product looked awesome, and most importantly, B was super duper happy. He’s nine this year – if I’m lucky he’ll want to do an elaborate costume again next year, but I’m aware that his days as a goofy little boy may be numbered.

1 thought on “Imagine, Dragon.

  1. No, his days as a goofy little boy cannot be numbered! I won’t accept that 🙂 so glad the costume worked out… Most of what I try to replicate from the Internet fails 😦

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