The Farmer in Exile

B has been on a bit of a gardening kick. It all began when Oswald the Octopus started a small garden that included a lovely tomato plant. Then, Curious George grew some carrots in the country, and also helped Chef Piscetti with his rooftop garden.

Image via

Because he is a highly suggestible five-year-old, B proclaimed his desire to plant something, particularly a tomato plant, and perhaps grow some carrots from seeds. (Or maybe an apple tree. You know, nothing major.)

I initially resisted, parroting the PBS disclaimer:

Curious George is a monkey, so he does things that we can’t do!

George may be a monkey, but my son is apparently a professional lobbyist. After some research about indoor gardening, I caved agreed to his demands request, and this weekend we bought plants, soil, and pots to start our garden.

May 2012

Or maybe he is a monkey, after all.

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