Transmission accomplished

Human Brain Evolution

Human Brain Evolution (Photo credit: hawkexpress)

The other night as we were preparing for bed, B proffered the following:

Mommy, did you know that I say a lot of things inside my head?Is that ok?

Yes, of course. That’s just your brain working. My brain works the same way.

Oh. And you know when it stops?

When you go to sleep at night?

Yes, and sometimes… <worried face>

Sometimes is it hard to stop thinking at the end of the day?


I know, that happens to me, too, buddy. Sometimes my brain is so busy thinking that I can’t get it to stop when I’m ready to go to sleep.

Oh.<Thoughtful and relieved expression.> Me Too.

Ah, yes – the perseveration gene! I see that it has been successfully transmitted to the next generation.

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