Another reason to love my husband – TNT division


Experiments (Photo credit: kirstinmckee)

**Apologies to my friends who have already heard all about this on Facebook**

I’ve been doing unauthorized science experiments again.

Not really.

I actually sort of … accidentally exploded some eggs while trying to boil them. A reasonable person might ask, alarmed, How on earth does that happen?

Not being a reasonable person myself, I can tell you:

  1. Come home from work tired and sniffly
  2. Allow child to talk you into making boiled eggs
  3. Place four eggs in pot, put pot on burner, on high
  4. Walk away
  5. Forget to come back
  6. BOOM
Boiled eggs

These boiled eggs do not represent a product of my kitchen.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

B and I had moved on to my bedroom when we smelled something burning. I ran into the kitchen, cursing, to find a pot of smoldering eggs,two of which had already burst. I snatched the pot off the stove,  just in time for a third egg to explode right in my face.

So of course, I screamed.

My husband did not come running to see if I was hurt. He did not inquire, “Honey, are you ok?” from his spot on the couch.

No. He called,

Nice going, Julia Child.

Clearly, this man is my soul mate.

Signature of Julia Child

Signature of Julia Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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