Saturday in the City – Art

The weather was just rotten today – it’s too cold and damp for a bike ride, so we hiked over the the museum to experience some art.

We were surprised when B LOVED it, especially the religious art from the Renaissance (probably because he knows all the characters). We had some great discussions about how art (at least from the periods we were looking at) was used to tell pictures without words. It also gave me a chance to talk a little bit about religion, and explain that different people practice different religions, as illustrated by some of the Asian art we looked at.

The museum has great installations – rooms from medieval and Renaissance homes, a cloister, some temples, and even a Japanese house.

I spent some time explaining that Aunt Rickey knew all about the art in this Asian temple. B insisted on taking a photo.

B was very well behaved, and mostly strolled around with his hands clasped behind his back – although he also wandered around with the map unfolded in front of his nose, navigating.

I also used the opportunity discuss what to do if you get lost, and practiced identifying the museum staff so B would know who to ask for help if necessary. Not that he ever lets me out of his sight long enough to get lost. We stopped on the grand staircase so I could point out a staff member, and I got a little snippy (read: bitchy) when the man told me (three times, because I couldn’t hear him over the crowds) that B could not sit on the stairs – he wasn’t sitting on anything, we were pausing to have a teaching moment! We were just standing there! Also, in related news, I should eat before family outings.

Map of the neighborhood. Just like an episode of Dora.

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