Umpteenth reason why I love my husband: He’s so romantic.

Another post about ‘romance,’ then I promise to shut up about my marriage for a while. Tuesday night was the Valentine’s Day premier of Cougar Town, a fantastic show that Mr and I both enjoy. He made it Cougar Townhome from class in time for us to watch together (I know, romance): he with his statistics homework, me with my crocheting (I’m making another hat for Horsey. Don’t judge.)


As background, I’ll say that when Mr and I decided to get married, there was no big proposal. Maybe I’ll share the story some other time, but let’s just say marriage was a foregone conclusion. MomMom gave him her mother’s ring, and he sort of handed it to me in our kitchen and asked about my plans for the next fifty years. (Which was AWESOME, I’m not gonna lie, because I wanted to marry this man from the start.)

BUT, after Grayson’s romantic proposal last night on Cougar Town, I looked up from my crochet project and said, with a dramatic sigh,

Gosh. I wonder what it’s like to be proposed to in such a romantic way. <Sigh> I guess I’ll never know.

Mr, without looking up from his formulas, replied,

Oh, no. Do not even try to feed me that bullshit.

Knowing when your wife is full of crap and calling her on it? That’s love, y’all.

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