Mother, may I?

English: A variety of Sharpie-brand markers. A...

Sharpie- Friend or Enemy?

B opens most of our conversations this way:

Mommy? Can I tell you something?

What follows may be a question (“Can I have some milk? Watch a cartoon? Play with my transformers? Play a game on your phone?”) or a statement (“I’m going to the bathroom.”)

We did not ask permission before stuffing him into this outfit. (2006)

He asks permission and/or gives me a head’s up before doing almost anything – seriously, he is in our room at 6am, asking, “Mommy, can I get up now?” Then he comes back to ask, “Mommy, can I play with the iPad?” (I’m like, dude, you can do anything short of lighting a fire if you will just LET ME SLEEP!)

Today, B had Mr place a call to me at work so he could ask permission to use my “special markers” – this is my collection of multi-colored permanent markers which he is allowed to borrow ONLY after asking me for permission and showing me what he’s planning to draw on. This is because the ONE TIME he didn’t ask my permission before doing something, I sent the following email to my parent’s list serve:

I came home from work Tuesday to find that my son had written on my living room floor and his brand new bike, with silver metallic sharpie. On the upside,he was practicing his numbers. On the down side, auuggghhh!! Google results suggest rubbing alcohol. Has anyone tried this – or do you have any other suggestions? (Besides ‘hide the paint pens’)

In case you’re wondering, the solution is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It is truly magical.

Mommy, can I use the camera?

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