Turned out it was an aunt-eater…

Last night, B and I had this little exchange:

Mommy, do grownups draw pictures?

Yes, sure grownups draw pictures. They just don’t have as much time to draw as kids do.

Because of work?

Yes. Exactly. But grownups can draw. Aunt Rickey draws pictures, and she’s a grownup, right?

… [he gives me a look indicating he knows what I want him to say, but he thinks I am very, very wrong]

Aunt Rickey is a grownup – RIGHT?

Ummm … [disbelieving expression on his face] yeah, ok.



Whenever I type “Aunt Rickey,” I think of this poem:
Anteater – by Shel Silverstein
“A genuine anteater,”
The pet man told me dad.
Turned out, it was an aunt eater,
And now my uncle’s mad!

1 thought on “Turned out it was an aunt-eater…

  1. Hey now… Quit putting ideas in the boy’s head. I am most certainly NOT a grown up. For example, I like to eat store-bought cake frosting straight out of the can. (Me and Paula Deen. )

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