Red Lipstick Dare

Do you remember Sassy magazine? Well, Jane Pratt is back with an online magazine/site called XOJane.  I love this site.  It’s self-referential, self-indulgent, totally meta, sometimes annoying, but overall awesome. The writers are women of various ages and experiences, and I can always be certain that I’ll find something interesting and/or hysterical.

See, for example, the Raccoon Home Invasion story.  Really, go.  I’ll wait.

See, wasn’t that awesome?

Yesterday, I clicked over to XOJane and read this:

I’ll Try Anything Once: The Red Lipstick Dare **

Red lipstick has always made me nervous.  I think it makes my features look harsh.  It’s too bold.  It’s not me…   Excuses, excuses. And then I saw this:

Red lipstick demands extra time, and an element of precision on application, and that effort is poorly offset by a scraped-back messy bun and a pair of old cargos or tracksuit pants.

Hmm, I thought, maybe I should go for it.  So yesterday, I stopped at CVS and bought a tube of Maybelline Red Revival, recommended by the author.

So here I am:

Day 1

Read the rules, here.

** Author Andrea runs a great blog site: Fox in Flats – Navigating Motherhood in Style.  Yes, please.

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