Is there a doctor in the house?

I came home from work yesterday to find that B had used an entire box of BandAids on his stuffed animals – Ellie and several of the Bears had had unfortunate accidents (mostly run-ins with the pointy parts of the coffee table.)  Nonnie confiscated the Tylenol he was trying to administer to them, for pain.Once Nonnie left, B started asking me where the Tylenol was (after demonstrating his horrifying method of getting into the medicine cabinet, which involves climbing on the commode and sink), because Ellie had a boo boo.  He was extremely displeased when I told him he couldn’t play with the real medicine:

I’m not playing! You are not listening to me!!

Ellie needs some Tylenol so her can feel better.

Imagineering is serious business in this house.

So I suggested we make our own medicine, appropriate for animals such as Ellie (who, I assured B, are allergic to people medicine, anyway):


Ellie had two Gobstoppers and went to bed early, and she’s feeling fine today!

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