Reason # 7,694 why I love my husband.

Sophia Petrillo

O.G. Sophia Petrillo, from Golden Girls

As Sophia Petrillo would say, “Picture It”:

Our living room, 10:30 pm.  Mr is reclining on the couch, headphones on, listening to an Ayn Rand book or some philosophy text by some important dude whose name I can’t remember (or maybe AC/DC – all three are equally possible, which is another reason why I love this man).

I am returning from having two drinks (Allagash White) with a friend in the neighborhood.  I limp in, totally-reasonable-and-not-at-all-too-platformy sandals in hand.  My right knee and left foot may or may not be bleeding profusely.


Hi.  Um, so, I kind of fell down.

 What ?

I may or may not have sort of … fallen off of my shoes.  I only had two drinks!


At the corner. Also, I appear to be bleeding.

Did anyone see you?

Just the guy waiting for the bus .  I fell down right in front of him, on the sidewalk.

And you want a BIKE?

Yeah.  It’s kind of embarrassing to be me sometimes…

Fun Yellow Shoes (of Death)

3 thoughts on “Reason # 7,694 why I love my husband.

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