Elfa-lution (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Container Store)

SweetRickey has insisted, literally for years, that Elfa shelving from the Container Store is the cure for what ails you.  Personally, I believe that new pajamas improve any situation, but she is my best friend, so I half listened, nodding, and went back to shopping online for embellished nightshirts.

Then one day I woke up and couldn’t take it any more.  The main feature of my living room was a train table – which is fine, because we have a kid, and that’s just how it goes, but the toys and STUFF were just taking over.  And I was losing my mind.  Mr and I were arguing about the mess and clutter, and yelling at B to pick up after himself, but there was really no where to put things.  A conundrum!

Enter the Elfa solution.

Yes, Mr.  is standing on a dresser.  No, we don’t have a ladder.  What’s your point?


I am so  delighted with the final product that I can hardly stand it.  B’s things go on the bottom shelf where he can reach them and, most importantly, put them away.  And now we have a place to display some of our favorite tchotchkes  and family photos, and to store our books.  The train table has been banished (just for now), so we have room for a little table and a rug to do puzzles on, and B’s beanbag chair.

(Let me add that we did all this back in February, when we were still a two income household.)

A representative snail and a tile from Israel.


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