>Follow up to the Parent’s Group

>To: Parents Group
Subject: Three’s Company Update – Jack Tripper has left the building (for now)


First, thanks to everyone for your responses to my email. As many of you surely know, sometimes just hearing that your child’s infuriating behavior is just a phase, or at least age appropriate, is a huge help.

Soooo…. B has been back in his bedroom since last Friday!!

I told him last Wednesday that he would have to move back into his room on Friday, and that if he could spend the whole weekend in his room, he would get a reward. Being a born salesman, he immediately started negotiating: “Is that the whole weekend, or just two nights? If I spend Thursday and Friday night in my room, can I have my reward on Saturday?” Finally, we agreed on terms and he went off to his room.

While I did have to sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” at 3:30 am on Monday morning, the rest of the week has been fairly unexceptional. I think it helps that the weather has been nice enough for him to visit the playground during the week and use up some of his energy, so he’s actually tired at bedtime. (I also let him stay up later, so he would be too tired to argue. Although sometimes that backfires, but that’s a whole other email.)

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