>Excerpt from an email I sent to my parents group.

>To: Parents Group
Subject: My son has turned my bedroom into a three’s company skit!!

I need some help – or at least some assurance that this is a phase, and/or is reversible …

Our 4.5 year old has developed a fear of being in his room by himself. Even if I lock the dog and cat in there with him, he says he “can’t sleep.”  So, about a week and a half ago, when he announced he wanted to sleep on our floor for the night I thought, OK, just this once… 

Cut to tonight, I’m watching Hulu on my laptop with my headphones in so I don’t wake my unwanted roommate.

I sympathize with his complaint that he doesn’t want to ‘be alone’ (although I would LOVE to be alone) – but this is just not gonna work for me.  I’ve told him that Friday night he’s moving back to his room (that way if it doesn’t go smoothly, at least we won’t be struggling with a weekday schedule the next morning.)  Any suggestions for making it more palatable?  Is there a magic word?  Combination of licenced character sheets and night lights?  A visit from SuperNanny?

On a humorous note, when we discussed this last week, he told me, “Mommy, I’ll just sleep in here for a little longer.  Just a hundred years.”  Oh, boy.

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