>I know where you got your shoes!


Tragedy. On Monday, we had a note from daycare regarding proper attire. Flip flops are out. Oh, drama.

B LOVES his Reef flips – they are exactly like Mr’s, only with an elastic strap around the back. Faced with this unsettling news, I immediately went to the Zappos site to look for alternatives. When I suggested a cute pair of Stride Rite leather fisherman’s sandals, B rejected them out of hand.

“Why?” I asked.

“Um. Because they’re not green.”

Green is his favorite color. And red. And white. So we scrolled through and picked out these Keen sandals, which are kind of hideous, but in a cute way. Even better, I was able to pick them up at REI for $35, and got another $12 off thanks to my dividend. Hooray!

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