>Dude, there are baby pigeons and train tracks!


So, yesterday started out poorly, to say the least.  I was so happy to get home last night, and B (as always) was super excited to see me.  The ranch was a mess and poor Maya had to pee, so B saddled up his tricycle and we headed out to Whole Foods in search of fruit and fortune. 
Can I just say that I may have the cutest kid in the entire world?  He pushed his own little cart around the store (while I pushed a bigger one with his tricycle in it), picked out strawberries, grapes, apples & bananas, and put everything up on the belt when it was time to check out.  Not a single fit was thrown, tears were not shed, and no one ended up prone on the floor.  Plus, we got $.50 off B’s pink Vitamin Water (to match his crocs).
On the way home he collected ‘rocks’ (chunks of asphalt, actually), and we visited our mama pigeon.  The street in front of our building is built over an old railroad tunnel, which you can see through heavy metal gratings built into a couple of the cement medians.  A week or so ago, B asked me about the gratings, and I explained about the old tunnel under the street.  Anything involving trains is immediately fascinating, so we peered through the grating looking for tracks and noticed a little ledge below the grating.  On the ledge, we saw two eggs in a little nest – pigeon eggs! 
 Yesterday, we stopped to check up on our eggs, and found the mama pigeon sitting on her nest.  We could see fluffy yellow feathers peeking out from underneath the mama pigeon!  B and I were on our hands and knees staring down into the grating when a very concerned looking man walked over to ask if we were ok.  “Oh, yes,” I said, “it’s just that there are baby pigeons down there.”  It seemed that he was unfamiliar with the allure of baby pigeons, and just smiled and nodded the way you do when the drunk on the bus tries to talk to you.  I was like, “Dude, there are baby pigeons and train tracks!  Do you not realize that this is AWESOME?”  He did not.

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