>Tuesday morning – in which I rail against the Parking Authority and generally act like a three-year-old

>Two – count ‘em – two parking tickets in twelve hours. That’s a grand total of $72 wasted, and it’s my own damn fault because I knew when I parked the car at 6:45 yesterday evening that I should have put money in the meter to get me to 8pm. So I apparently got a ticket at 7:52 last night, and this morning when mom stopped to put quarters in my meter while walking the dog, she thought I had already gotten a ticket and so didn’t feed the meter. Resulting in my second ticket. I just want to pound my head against the wall in frustration of my own stupidity!

I did not handle this gracefully. I stomped up to my car griping and cursing, slammed the door, smacked the steering wheel, and may have screamed “F – you, Parking Authority!!” before cutting across two lanes and making a u-turn to head to work. I may also have railed against the universe because I’d blown my shoe budget on a parking spot. As Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day said to Punxatawny Phil, “Don’t drive angry.”

Once I calmed down, I realized I was acting like a ridiculous jackass and that if I don’t want to get a ticket I should park in a legal spot, even if it means I have to schlep the groceries three or four blocks home. My only consolation is that I did not throw myself down on the sidewalk and cry. It’s a sad day when all I can do is feel superior to my three year old.

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