>Party time. Birthday party.


I have to hand it to the Yankees – they know how to party.  Over the weekend we were invited to a cousin’s sixth birthday party.  What an operation!  Thirty +/- six-year-old kids running over, under, around and through the house, bouncing (literally) off of the walls, like wild animals (in masks!)  
B vacillated between thinking he’d died and gone to ice-cream-and-kitty-cat-mask heaven, and worrying he was trapped in a nightmare of kids-he-doesn’t-know-who-are-bigger-than-him.  Heck, even I was a little afraid of the kids… say what you will, but a flock of six year old boys demanding water is intimidating.  They could go all Lord of the Flies at any moment!

One of the cool things about other kids’ houses is that they have toys you’ve never seen before and didn’t know you needed.. like Zu Zu pets, and Barbie Power Wheels (pow-pow, power wheels!), and a little red wagon!!

Word on the street is that Daddy pulls it “way more funner” than I do.  As much as I love dragging 35 pounds of hippo around the yard, I concede defeat.

Seriously, you know someone’s been to a good party when the evening ends like this:

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