>The Perils of Spring

>It’s unseasonably (I think) warm here this weekend, and we are taking full advantage of the ability to head outside without hat/coat/mittens/etc.

This morning we took a little walk to Little Pete’s diner for breakfast and had a bit of an accident… Not one but two (count ’em, two!!) skinned knees. There’s nothing like your first real bobo to take the wind out of your sails – seriously, B’s approach to walking changed dramatically. Over pancakes, he shifted his style from a crazy, loping, “Planet of the Apes” gait to a very cautious, limping shuffle. (I personally think he’s being a little dramatic, but since I don’t have a lot of room to talk, I’m trying to keep that to myself.)

Also, I don’t know what to say about that hat, except that it was not my idea. B insisted on wearing it, and when I say ‘insisted,’ I mean ‘demanded’. It’s … a look, I’ll give him that. I’m secretly afraid that this is going to be his new comfort object – instead of a cute stuffed sheep, it’s going to be all about the Carhart hat.

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