>Interview with a Toddler


In an actual, honest-to-goodness conversation with B this evening (as he gnawed on a chicken leg like he was raised by the Jersey Devil), I discovered that my child did the following at ‘school’ today: “Play with Ben,””eat cheesy cracker,” and “read book.” I am floored. He is clearly a future statesman, what with his grasp of the language.

B’s schedule is still all mixed up, with the holidays and the excitement of having BFF with us for a month. The good news is, he sleeps until almost 7:30 am (instead of 5:30). The bad news? He went to bed at 10pm tonight – or I should say, back to bed, after getting up at 9pm and hanging out in the kitchen with me while I made chili with enough onions to stop an elephant. Seriously, I need to take a box of tic-tacs to work tomorrow if I’m planning on talking to anyone after lunch.

We miss BFF. Even though both of us explained last night that she had to go home, on a plane, like Granddad, B was still confused this evening when there was no RiRick knitting mittens when he got home from school. It’s a good thing we have lots of photos to tide us over.

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